Latest Projects

The Papers of James Monroe, volume 6 (ABC-CLIO, forthcoming)
Edited with Daniel Preston
The next volume of the Monroe papers will be a selected edition of James Monroe’s papers from 1811 through 1813.  It will cover the lead up to and the first half of the War of 1812 with never before published letters documenting diplomacy, military history, and filibustering expeditions in Texas and Florida.

George Washington’s Descendants and the Politics of Family
This project will trace Washington’s family in the late 18th century through the Civil War and examine how the family shaped its public face in light of fears of inherited power in the nineteenth century. What would be the role of family connection in the nation’s political life? Washington’s descendants were the first family to wrestle with such questions in America, setting precedents for the new nation. Correspondence, contemporary newspaper commentary, material objects, and family members’ homes will all provide insight into how the family and the nation understood the role of the Washington family. This book will be both a political history and a family biography, treating the two tales as inextricably linked in an exploration of how the fledgling nation reconciled the residues of monarchy and aristocracy with democratic values.


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